Waar vs Bol

Waar vs Bol: Which is bigger success ???


downloadWaar which released this Eid-ul-Azha has collected around 16.06cr by the end of its 3rd Weekend.. Most critics and film goers are calling this collection to be defining moment in industry of Pakistan, similar things were said about Bol which was released back in 2011 by Geo films and went on to collect around 12cr Net by end of its run.. So now lets analyze which one is bigger success by analyzing their boxoffice performance Weekly !!

Waar was released in around 42 screens with record number of shows and was released on Eid [Wednesday] with First Weekend [5 Days] having four national holidays, movie took full advantage broke every single record by collecting over 7.01cr over the Weekend and ended Week 1 with 9.56cr by breaking previous records with over 100% lead.. On the other hand Bol was released on working Friday and in around 24 screens, movie went on to collect around 3.95cr in week 1 surpassing previous record with over 80% lead which was hugely remarkable as movie had less screens as compared to Waar and non-holiday release.. Both movies faced tough competition from Hindi releases, Waar found competition from Boss while Bol was competed by Double Dhamaal.. But overall both movies had unbelievable Week 1, now real test was Week 2..
Bol2011  Both movies collected huge in Week 2.. Waar collected 4.9 crores which was fall of around 45% over Week 1.. Bol found another Hindi movie Buddha Hoga Tera Baap as challenge in Week 2, despite new Hindi release Bol saw a fall of around just 25% over Week 1 and collected around 3 crores.. Waar had 44 screens in Week 2 [with record number of shows] while Bol had 21 screens with new competitor then too Bol had much lesser fall proving that Bol having much better audience response then Waar.. Movie collected huge outside Metros like Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi, while Waar was houseful in Week 2 weekdays just in metros while others had noticeable drops.. So from Week 2 it seems that Bol having upper hand..

Week 3 saw first contender for Waar i.e. Krrish 3 movie retained screens but shows were bit lesser than last Week.. Movie has collected around 1.6 crores in 3rd Weekend which is a fall  of around 40% over previous Weekend.. On the other hand Bol also saw huge contender in Week 3 in form of Murder 2, movie lost screens and shows a lot but collections came were mind-blowing 1.5 cr which was fall of mere 20 % over last Weekend which proved that despite new big releases movie remained first choice for cine goers.. Murder 2 flopped at Pakistani boxoffice while on the other hand Krrish 3 has started its Weekend with 3rd Highest ever opening Weekend with just 31 screens..

Both films have been remarkable at boxoffice.. With 2011 having less screen space meant less capacity to earn while 2013 having much more capacity!! Both films will always be remembered as game changer but with Waar expectations were much more than Bol as screen space and number shows were almost double.. Waar did magic in Week 1 but Week 2 fall was expected lesser than 30% but it was much more.. But Weekend 3 has been just around 1.6 crores which is just 10 lacs more than Bol which had much lesser number of shows and screens, this completely show that expectations were something else from Waar, but still Waar has been magical at boxoffice.. But Bol boxoffice success was just unimaginable..


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